Sunday, August 06, 2006

EBBP from Hungary.....

Been away for the weekend camping (took a marinade with me I discovered in Zambia - oil, pepper and cumin - wonderful with pork when barbecuing!) and when I got home my parcel had arrived!

Don't have much time tonight and will be away for a couple of nights so this will be pretty short. But I'll make it up later!

Gizella put together a really nice parcel for me - and I suspect used up most of Hungary's postage stamps!! :)

The contents included:

A kind of shortbread biscuit with jam in the middle? (these were not mentioned in Gizelle's letter but my friend says they are delish!)
Homemade wild plum jam (Gizella must have read my mind - she does not use a lot of sugar which appeals to me)
2 packets of paprika (one hot, one sweet) and a recipe for Porkolt which is a traditional Hungarian stew (will try this and report nack)
A list of cocktails printed on a little shopping bag (Just out of site in the piccie. Gizella likes to have cocktails for desert)
Some cocktail sippers, shakers, bar spoons etc. (I sense a theme here! LOL)
Brandy and sour cherry bonbons (which I have had to hide from my wife)
Bottle of Unicum (stop sniggering in the back you native English speakers) This is a spicy Hungarian digesetif
All packed in a wine box!

And here is a picture. Will do more later in the week. Thanks Gizella!

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Wow Steve - that looks AMAZING! I rather like the cocktail theme ;-) And you can never have enough paprika as far as I'm concerned...
Steve, just one little reflection: you find my blog here:!
I'm pleased to make this package for you!
Steve - nice packet you've got there! You must try pörkölt soon - Hungarians do know how to make hearty meaty stews!
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Thanks, David
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